Nature, Human Nature, and Society: Marx, Darwin, Biology, and the Human Sciences

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Stephen R. Kellert.

The book "Nature, Human Nature, and Society: Marx, Darwin, Biology, and the Human Sciences" by Stephen R. Kellert provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the relationship between human society and the natural world. It analyzes the ways in which Marx and Darwin's theories have influenced biological and human sciences, and how they continue to shape our understanding of the natural world and our relationship to it.

Kellert argues that the reductionist approach taken by many modern science fields, which separates nature from human society, is problematic for understanding complex environmental issues. The book delves into key themes such as the social construction of nature, the impacts of imperialism and colonialism on nature, and the relevance of Marxism and Darwinism for understanding these issues.

The book also explores how our understanding of nature changes as societies develop and modernize, and how these changes have been marked by increasing environmental degradation. Kellert asserts that a more holistic understanding of nature and the human relationship with it is necessary for addressing ecological challenges.

Overall, "Nature, Human Nature, and Society" offers a comprehensive examination of the intersection between science, politics, and the environment. It provides a unique perspective on the ways in which our worldview shapes our understanding of nature and how this, in turn, affects our relationship with the environment. Description by ChatGPT.

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Language: English
Publication date: September 29, 1982
Print length: 266 pages
Weight: 1.1 lb
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 in
asins: 0313231613
ean13: 9780313231612
isbn: 9780313231612
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