Labor Economics / Edition 5

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George J. Borjas

"Labour Economics" is a highly-regarded textbook on the economics of labor markets, written by renowned economist George J. Borjas. The fifth edition, published in 2020, provides extensive coverage of the latest research and policy developments in labor economics.

The book covers a range of topics, including labor supply and demand, human capital, wage determination, discrimination in the labor market, labor market institutions, and the economics of unions. It also explores issues such as unemployment, income inequality, and labor market policies such as minimum wages and unemployment insurance.

The book is designed as both a comprehensive textbook and a reference book for researchers and policymakers. It includes numerous examples, case studies, and exercises that enable the reader to develop a deep understanding of the concepts and theories covered.

Overall, "Labour Economics" is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complex dynamics of the labor market, and how economic theory can be applied to real-world labor market issues. Its clear writing style and comprehensive coverage make it an accessible and useful resource for students, researchers, and practitioners alike. Description by ChatGPT.

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Publication date: February 23, 2009
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